EC-COUNCIL Certification

EC-Council Certifications

Get EC-Council Certification without Exams

We can pass all your EC-Council exams and get you EC-Council certified within 7 days. Exams will be taken in the authorized testing center. Your certification status can be verified on the EC-Council official website and the certificates will arrive from EC-Council at your owned address. You get EC-Council certified without ever having to set foot into a testing center. Just sit back and relax after placing an order.

About EC-Council Certification

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultant (EC-Council) offers e-Business certification for professionals seeking specialized knowledge and advancement in career opportunities in e-business and security. The EC-Council certification exam validate the knowledge of e-business professionals to create the most appropriate e-Business solution for business enterprises. There are a wide range of certification programs that cover different aspects of Internet technologies and that are suitable from entry level to experienced professionals.

Job Roles of EC-Council Certification Professionals

EC-Council certification exam prepare you for different job roles in the e-business and security fields. Some of the job roles that are suitable for EC-Council Certified Professionals are:

  • For e-Business: e-business professional, e-business consultant, e-business associate. Related certification is certified e-Business Consultant, Certified e-Business Professional, Certified e-Business Associate and E++ Certification.
  • For Internet Security Administration: security specialist, security analysts, penetration testing professional, network security administrator and security consultant. Related certification are CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator), CNDA (Certified Network Defense Architect), NSA (Network Security Administrator), ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst), ECSP (EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer)/ CSAD (Certified Secure Application Developer), Security5 Certification and LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester).
  • For Network and System Administration: network administrator and system administrator. Related certification is Network5 Certification and Wireless 5 Certification.

Benefits of EC-Council certified professionals

EC-Council certification exam prepare you for different job roles in the e-business and security fields. Some of the job roles that are suitable for EC-Council Certified Professionals are:

  • EC-Council certification is vendor neutral certification that is accepted as industry standard for e- business and security related jobs.
  • EC-Council certification is helpful for professionals who have knowledge in maintaining networks to expand their skills to the network security domain.
  • EC-Council certified professionals can practice and conduct security testing in organizations accredited by EC-Council
  • EC-Council certification are globally recognized and help you to get a suitable job anywhere in the world.

Training for EC-Council certifications

Each EC-Council certification program has specialized certification exam related to a specific job functions and skill sets, and so, choosing the right training product is very important. Having a hands-on experience in the related technologies will certainly help, but to prepare for the exams, you should take a lot of practice tests based on the EC-Council exam pattern. You should also read relevant technical articles and study guides to understand the key concepts and clear your doubts.

Name Of Exam Code Instalments Total Amount ($)
CEH: (Certified Ethical Hacker v8) OR CEH v9 312-50 1 1, 000
CHFI : (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator v8) 312-49 1 1, 000
ECSA : (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst v8) 412-79 1 1, 000
ENSA : EC-Council Network Security Adminstrator 312-38 1 1, 000
ECIH : EC-Council Certified Incident Handler 212-89 1 1, 000
ECSP .NET : EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer (ECSP) .NET 312-93 1 1, 000
EDRP : EC-council Disaster Recovery Professional 312-76 1 1, 000
EISM : EC-Council Information Security Manager 512-50 1 1, 000
CSCU : Certified Secure Computer User 112-12 1 1, 000
CCISO : EC-Council Certified CISO 712-50 1 1, 000