Procedure of getting Certification Services from us

1. Test Code

Browse all the certifications listed under the Most Popular vendors list in our website.

Once you decide which certification you want to go for please note down the Test code for it

2. Apply Online or e-mail your details to

The details which we require are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Telephone Number along with Country and area code
  • Address with Postal Code
  • Test Code

3. Make the payment

On receiving your details we need to process your registration for the exam and for this you need to make the payment. After receiving the details we will reply you with our details for sending us the money.

You make payment through Western Union, MoneyGram or Moneybookers. We also offer Separate payment options which allows you to pay one by one.

4. Test

After we receive your payment, you will pass the exam within 5 business days (10 business days are required for some special exam cases), and email you the exam result. For checking your result at official website of relevant certification issuers, please follow the instructions in Check Result and Register.

5. Check your score

Once you examination gets through we will mail you the test scores along with your ID. You can use this ID to login to the official websites of VUE or Prometric and check the test scores your self

6. Further Payment (if any)

If you wish to apply for any other certification then you can make further payment along with the test details, or if your current certification has multiple papers in it then you make the payment for next paper

7. Edit your Profile

After completing all the examinations you can order your certificate by going to the official web sites of examination companies. Delivery of the certificate may take around 4 to 6 weeks. Once you receive your certificate please mail us informing the same so that we can delete all your details from our database.

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