We do not save any personal information from whom use our service

All personal information would be permanently removed from our system after your confirmation regarding the arrival of the certificates.

Our Commitment To Privacy

We are the first IT Exam Substituting Company For worldwide. During 2000. we are provided the services with many test centers around the world.

The Information We Collect

We do not retain any visitor information when you submit the contact form for enquiry. All the contact message will be permanently removed 7 days after your enquiry

We do not retain any customer information. To whom use our service, we will request your full name for exam registration. Your address used to receive certificates is optional since it's modifiable online. Your full name, address, candidate id and any other information related to you will be permanently removed after your confirmation regarding the arrival of the certificates or 60 days without your response

For More Details Ask Our Customer-Care Or email us at cert4sale@gmail.com